Ontinue ION MDR Services

With cyber attacks continually increasing, it’s a high priority for most organizations to boost security and stay on top of threat detection and response. But not every organization has the tools to do so themselves or to have the highest level of security. That is why so many organizations rely on MDR services. Managed detection and response (MDR) is a service offered by security experts that detects malware and other malicious activity and contains threats. It also consists of 24/7 monitoring.

MDR is a smart security choice with a great ROI. Based on a recent Forrester Consulting study, MDR+ customers experience a 174% ROI, nearly $4 million in benefits and payback in less than six months. MDR protects companies and data, and it’s worth the investment of getting started.

That’s why Ontinue provides a high end and advanced MDR service through Ontinue ION. Read on to learn more about Ontinue ION, its benefits, how it works, and how to get started.

What Are the Benefits of Ontinue ION?

Ontinue ION provides the key security benefits organizations are looking for when searching for MDR plan services. These are the benefits of Ontinue ION:

  • Accelerate security program maturity. While most organizations have some security measure in place, Ontinue ION is a way to mature that program quickly. Improve security program efficacy and scalability by focusing prevention, detection and response efforts based on your organization’s risk profile. Continually reduce risk and mitigate threats while measuring impact of past efforts and identifying the most critical areas of risk for future focus.
  • Detect and respond fast. Really fast. Time is key when it comes to cybersecurity. There’s no time to lose if there’s a threat on the horizon, and Ontinue understands that. Ontinue ION is fast. Really fast. Reduce your mean time to resolve security incidents using AI-driven automation and real-time collaboration that eliminates noise, focuses efforts, and keeps everyone on the same page. Respond with confidence that threats will be mitigated without negatively impacting business operations.
  • Optimize your Microsoft investment to do more with less. As the 2022 Microsoft Security MSSP of the year, Ontinue knows how to get the most from your Microsoft security and collaboration tools. Ontinue ION optimizes your Microsoft Sentinel spending to improve ROI, and dynamically integrates new Microsoft detection capabilities into our coverage model to increase the time-to-value for your Microsoft security tools. This security solution is specifically designed to help organizations get the most out of Microsoft and protect their investment in high quality software. Ontinue ION is seamlessly compatible with Microsoft.
  • Gain your SecOps force multiplier. Our expertise drives your outcomes. Our ION Cyber Defense Center brings together security experts, PhD data scientists, and automation engineers to continually execute, measure, and optimize day-to-day security operations on your behalf.

Ontinue ION Services

Ontinue ION MDR services provides organizations with high end security protection that’s highly compatible with Microsoft. But what is Ontinue ION? How does it work? ION has two main components:

  • ION Platform. The cloud native platform combines AI-driven automation and innovative real-time collaboration through Microsoft Teams to proactively reduce risk and speed up mean time to respond (MTTR) to threats. Essentially, this component is the platform that works to detect and accelerate response.
  • ION Cyber Defense Center. Ontinue provides a globally distributed security operation that brings together security experts, data scientists, and automation engineers to protect customers around the clock. This component is the 24/7 monitoring from security experts to keep your network safe at all times.

Ontinue ION also provides access to ION platform and the defense center. But in addition, ION provides access to cyber defenders who are security experts and cyber advisors who will become experts on your unique cyber security environment and provide preventative tactics for your organization.

What makes Ontinue ION a great choice for your MDR services? These are some of the key differentiators:

  • AI-Driven Automation. AI automation speeds up response time. Even with automation, our team in the Defense Center continues to monitor security, so you will have twice the security.
  • Real-time Collaboration in Microsoft Teams. Security is a team effort. Your team can easily collaborate with our experts in real-time using Microsoft Teams, including the app.
  • Risk-based, Localized Protection. Unlike MDR services that treat security as one-size-fits-all, Ontinue ION builds a deep understanding of your organization’s environment, business operations, and teams to tailor protection to you. We do assessments and provide curated and personalized protection.
  • Specialized Microsoft Expertise. No one knows Microsoft like we do. We don’t just integrate with Microsoft tools. Ontinue ION is purpose-built to leverage every component of the Microsoft security and collaboration ecosystem.

Getting Started with Ontinue ION

If your organization needs MDR services, Ontinue ION provides that and more. We provide the regular monitoring and detection you can expect, but we also leverage Microsoft and provide access to analysts and experts that provide security specifically for your organization. Ontinue ION is a modern solution to protect your organization from modern threats.

Learn more about Ontinue ION and get started today to protect your business with this high end MDR service.