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Ontinue ION Cyber Defense Center

The Ontinue ION Cyber Defense Center is much more than a SOC. It is an entire SecOps team working alongside you to deliver 24/7 security with eyes on glass continuous monitoring — backed by Ontinue employees supporting the entire security lifecycle with threat hunting, intelligence, automation and engineering.


The Experts in Security Operations

Ontinue’s five Cyber Defense Centers are distributed around the world and operate in a “follow-the-sun” model to ensure 24/7 coverage. This model has teams working daytime hours in their locations, so we can attract and retain the best talent.

Security Analysts

Cyber Defenders

Work 24/7 around the world to detect and respond to threats on your behalf — and are reachable within seconds.

Technical Account Managers

Cyber Advisors

Responsible for helping build the model to tailor protection, strengthening your overall security posture, and meeting your goals.


Data-Driven. Intelligence-Based. Threat-Focused.

In addition to the Cyber Advisors and Cyber Defenders, Ontinue’s Cyber Defense Center is backed by multiple teams of security experts. Ontinue doesn’t just monitor your SIEM: We have dedicated teams of experts in threat hunting, vulnerability management, and threat intelligence, as well as automation and data science. Unlike many organizations that apply AI to threats, we use AI to enhance defenders, and we have teams of PhD data scientists and automation engineers continually working to enhance this capability.

Data Scientists

Train AI models on Defender behavior to continuously optimize processes and automation for greater speed and efficiency.

Automation Engineers

Work closely with the Data Science team, using the insights generated from AI models and continuous platform measurement to drive further automation in ION Automate and the Cyber Defender Workbench.

Threat Hunters

Run proactive threat hunts in customer environments, manage our continuous threat hunting capabilities, factoring in current threats observed in the wild.

Threat Intelligence Team

Continuously monitor and identify the latest threats and provide alerts for those that pose the greatest risk; includes curating threat feeds that enrich alerts from the Microsoft control plane.

Vulnerability Management Team

Continuously monitor your environment, prioritize vulnerabilities that represent the most risk, and provide guidance on mitigation.

Detection Engineers

Design and maintain our coverage model, ensuring your environment is comprehensively protected; leverage our Adaptive Coverage capability to evaluate and integrate new Microsoft security capabilities into our model in near real-time.


SOCs Around the World

Ontinue delivers outstanding always-on service.
All around the world. All around the clock.
We are always within reach.

United States

450 Maple Street
Redwood City, CA 94063


Räffelstrasse 29
8045 Zurich, Switzerland

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9 Holborn
London, EC1N 2LL


7th Floor, Plot A/8A Knowledge Boulevard, Block A, Industrial Area, Sector 62 Noida 201309, India


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