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The ION MXDR platform enables streamlined collaboration and automated investigation and response backed by AI-driven, localized insights.

ion mxdr platform

Game-Changing. Cloud-Native. Ontinue ION.

What’s next in MDR? Ontinue ION, the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers. We make security teams faster, more proactive, and more efficient. This means increased security program maturity, efficacy, and scalability for you. Our AI-powered Ontinue ION Platform is intelligently built on four powerful components.

ION for Microsoft Teams

ION for Microsoft Teams

Security, IT, and even end users need to be on the same page—always. Instead of yet another ticketing system or portal, ION integrates into Microsoft Teams to deliver critical dashboards for key stakeholders and enables real-time collaboration and access to information on any device at any time.

ION Automate

ION Automate

Automation is the key to speed, accuracy, and consistency. ION Automate is our automation engine, which applies full and semi-automation to threat detection, investigation and response.

Cyber Defender Workbench

Cyber Defender Workbench

Ontinue Cyber Defenders are your day-to-day threat detection and response team. They leverage our custom Analyst Workbench to efficiently uncover and respond to incidents.



ION IQ is our proprietary security AI that helps localize our managed protection for you by building a deep understanding of your environment and operational realities, as well as the behavior of everyone involved in SecOps, both on your team and ours.

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Ontinue ION is the AI-Powered MXDR of choice for Microsoft Security customers. Learn more about how ION improves real-time collaboration to speed response times, increase efficiency and provide proactive protection.

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Reduce your security data costs by 50% using Microsoft Sentinel in conjunction with the Ontinue ION’s SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities.

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Today’s MDR and MXDR platforms must address three shortcomings of previous iterations of MDR that were too reactive, too slow, or too inefficient.

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Ontinue ION: Nonstop SecOps Operationalizes Security

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Looking For More?

Our Ontinue ION Platform offers extended features and services to meet your needs.


Managed Vulnerability Mitigation (MVM)

Adding our MVM service to Ontinue ION helps you focus, prioritize, and respond to your highest risk vulnerabilities—quickly.

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Consulting Services

Get the most out of your Microsoft security tools. Our Consulting Services team will share best practices, provide deployment insights, and accelerate your time-to-value.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Our IoT Security add-on service gives you around-the-clock IoT/OT threat detection using Defender for IoT.

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