Revolutionizing MDR: Say Hello to Ontinue

Open Systems has seen tremendous success over the last year. We were recognized as a Great Place to Work in each of the seven countries we have office locations, we substantially enriched both our industry-leading MDR and Managed SASE solutions with innovative new features and functions, and we completed an acquisition (Tiberium) that will help redefine the managed cybersecurity services market. 

As we move into the new year, we will continue to accelerate this momentum by investing and innovating, delighting our customers, and further expanding our prominence in both the SASE and MDR markets. 

In support of this effort, I’m pleased to announce that we’re reorganizing our MDR and SASE businesses to better serve our customers and partners.  Specifically, we’re making changes to our structure and our brand that will provide the Open Systems SASE and MDR business units with their own unique identities. 

Effective today, Ontinue will be the new brand name associated with the MDR division of Open Systems. The brand name ‘Open Systems’ will continue to reference the SASE business that has delivered industry-leading Managed SASE solutions for over 30 years.   

What to Expect 

For SASE customers, you’ll see no practical change. The SASE Business will continue to operate under the Open Systems brand. Additionally, the Open Systems SASE team will remain focused on delivering a delightful, comprehensive, unified, easy-to-use SASE solution set that meets you wherever you are on your cloud journey.  

For MDR customers, the company is rebranding as ‘Ontinue, the MDR division of Open Systems’ to better align with our mission of helping organizations not only detect and respond to cyberthreats, but prevent them all together. While the name may be different, our commitment to protecting customers remains steadfast. 

Beyond MDR. 

Our roots in full-service managed detection and response solutions run as deep as our passion and expertise. The industry-defining MDR DNA from Swiss-based Open Systems serves as the foundation for Ontinue. This foundation has only grown stronger as it’s been enhanced by Microsoft-centric services from our Born in the Cloud acquisition, and best-in-class data science from our Sqooba acquisition. It has then very recently been bolstered further by our acquisition of the game-changing managed security services provider Tiberium; which has infused our platform with collaboration, automation and prevention capabilities that will redefine the managed cybersecurity services category. 

While Ontinue will still be part of the Open Systems family as the MDR division, this rebrand will underscore our commitment to focus very specifically on meeting the evolving and emerging needs of our MDR customers. 

Over the next few months, you’ll see Ontinue’s transformation unfold. This will include the launch of our next generation Nonstop SecOps MDR service –  Ontinue ION.  

Delivering Nonstop SecOps requires a new operational model that goes beyond accelerated detection and response, into proactive prevention, and the improvement of overall security maturity. As importantly, this needs to be done while maximizing operational efficiency, and enabling teams to do more with less. 

The Ontinue ION service delivers this uniquely through the integration of advanced capabilities including: 

  • Collaboration: We’re delivering ION through Microsoft Teams to ensure the right people have access to the right information at the right time. 
  • Automation: ION Automate leverages a data-science team and AI-driven automation to accelerate numerous security operation tasks, from triage to resolution – improving speed and accuracy. 
  • Localization: ION brings a tailored, risk-based approach to cybersecurity – understanding your environment, operations, applications, and teams – in addition to your threats, at a fundamental level.  
  • Specialization: No one knows Microsoft like we do – we are Microsoft Security’s ‘MSSP of the Year’ this year. Ontinue ION is purpose-built to get the most out of the Microsoft ecosystem investment.  
  • Prevention: Designated advisors proactively improve your security posture through continuous assessment or review of incident history, environment, posture, and risk profile to guide prevention activities. 

Let’s reimagine the meaning of Nonstop. 

It’s time to rethink the meaning of “nonstop”. It’s not about nonstop threats, nonstop technology changes, nonstop alerts, or nonstop pressure. It’s about Nonstop SecOps. 

At Ontinue, it’s about nonstop support—for our customers. We’re certainly in the business of detecting and responding to nonstop security threats. We’re really in the business of providing stability and predictability to your business – enabling you to securely grow, innovate, compete and succeed.  

We thrive at the intersection of human expertise and advanced data. Where a deep understanding of your business and technology environment meets curated threat intelligence, and tailored, around-the-clock and around-the-world, protection. Protection that keeps going and learning and improving. Well past your previous definition of secure. 

This intelligent, holistic approach has made us the most reliable SecOps partner in the industry. Success to us means so much more than this. We live and work to serve as a truly trusted, deeply dedicated partner, who embeds with your team to deliver nonstop support—and true security success. 

With Nonstop SecOps from Ontinue, you’re liberated to run your business more confidently and productively. With less risk and uncertainty. Because a fully secure environment is a more innovative environment – With more time to create, more confidence to challenge convention, and more freedom to explore and evolve.  

That’s what we call security success. And it’s only possible with Ontinue, Nonstop SecOps. 

Your Trust Matters 

Grounded in an intelligent, cloud-delivered SecOps platform, we are the MDR provider of choice for Microsoft’s security customers globally.  

The Ontinue ION platform is the only MXDR provider that leverages AI-driven automation, human expertise, and the Microsoft security platform, to continuously assess and protect your environment, and advance your security posture for digital transformation.   

We offer superior protection that goes well beyond basic detection and response services provided by other MDR players in the market. 

Ontinue is a derivative of “Continue,” and conveys our service’s always-on, nonstop approach.  

Contact us today to discover how your organization can experience the value of nonstop SecOps. 

Let’s reimagine the meaning of Nonstop together.  

If you want to know more about what drives us, please visit our Values page.  

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Geoff Haydon
Chief Executive Officer

Geoff is Chief Executive Officer of Ontinue.