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Ontinue ION is the AI-Powered Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) service of choice for unified security to protect your law firm 24/7. Secure your IT infrastructure and sensitive client data with Ontinue to reduce recovery costs and lost time and preserve your business reputation.

Cyberattacks targeting law firms have become increasingly frequent, with thousands of attacks each day. The data you hold is extremely valuable and unfortunately, it can be exploited by criminals, making your firm and your clients targets for extortion.

Today, compromise happens so quickly that you can’t rely on old methods for protecting against attacks. You need an automated solution to protect your firm, your clients — and your reputation.

The Problem

Cybersecurity Challenges for Law Firms

While you face a variety of cybersecurity threats, we’ve worked with law firms who also struggle with:

Targeted Attacks

Valuable data and IP from clients and the firm makes breaches more lucrative because attackers can get data from many businesses in a single strike.

Bespoke Technology

Business-critical bespoke legal applications may need to run on outdated servers, which increases risk if they’re internet-connected.

Outdated Methods

Attacks use the same old methods to overwhelm the controls that IT departments struggle to manage.


Secure Your Law Firm and Its Clients with Ontinue ION MXDR

Ontinue ION is an AI-powered MXDR service built to make security teams faster, more proactive, and more efficient.

ION MXDR Service

Our (MXDR) service that understands your environment to give you more. Greater efficiencies. Proactive protection. Faster response times.

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ION Platform

Our AI-Powered MXDR platform, combining AI-driven automation and real-time collaboration through Microsoft Teams to proactively reduce risk and speed up the mean time to respond (MTTR) to threats.

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ION Cyber Defense Center

Our global security operation that brings together security experts, data scientists, and automation engineers to protect customers around the clock.

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Nonstop SecOps

But Ontinue ION is more than MXDR – it’s nonstop SecOps. Operationalizing security requires new, innovative capabilities that go beyond conventional MDR features. 

AI-Driven Automation

Given the intellectual property and confidential data law firms handle on behalf of their clients, speed is everything. Ontinue ION leverages AI-powered automation to accelerate security options tasks – including incident triage. In the ION Cyber Defense Center, our Data Science team measures every aspect of your operations to identify areas to automate and optimize.

Real-Time Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

When security risks can affect your clients’ data, interacting with Ontinue ION through Microsoft Teams gets you immediate answers. Our Cyber Defenders respond in real time, using the tool you already have access to. So you get the information you need when you need it.

Risk-Based, Localized Protection

Law firms often run on bespoke applications, that require a variety of technologies and legacy systems. We gain a deep understanding of your environment to tailor our detection and response to your organization. Your Cyber Advisor regularly assesses your environment to understand key areas of risk, basing responses on their relative impact on your organization to minimize disruption and maintain your reputation.

Specialized Microsoft Expertise

Ontinue ION is built to leverage every component of the Microsoft security and collaboration ecosystem. So we can focus on building capabilities like Adaptive Coverage and our SecOps Cost Optimization, so you can experience the benefits of new features in Microsoft Defender and optimize your Microsoft Sentinel spend.

Ontinue + Microsoft

Deep Expertise in Microsoft Security

Not many vendors can say they can provide Microsoft Sentinel experience with law firms — but we can. Our team was the first managed Sentinel provider in the UK in March 2020 for a law firm. And we have extensive experience in migrating from various SIEMs and endpoint solutions to Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender.

Our focus on automation and the Microsoft Security product portfolio brings you the expertise needed to drive migration to a modern security environment.

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