Boost Your ROI with MDR

Cyber security is one of the most important aspects of your organization, no matter what industry you are in. However, it can be difficult to manage a large IT system without the proper resources and capabilities. You can unlock the value of your security investments with the help of security services like Managed Detection and Response (MDR), as well as save time and money with this incredible software solution. Learn how to better manage your security environment and improve your ROI with the use of MDR.

What Is MDR?

As technology advances, so does the risk for security breaches. Ransomware is becoming increasingly more effective and damaging, so it is important to develop systems that can catch such attacks quicker and more efficiently in order to protect your business. That is where MDR, or Managed Detection and Response, comes in.

MDR is an important security service that helps protect businesses from the threat of cyber attacks. It not only detects malicious activity but also continuously monitors your company’s security environment and responds quickly and effectively to any threats. By building a more responsive security system, you can keep your organization ahead of potential threats and prevent disruptions to business.

MDR is designed to identify and prevent ransomware that can cause disruptions and downtime that cost your organization both valuable time and money. It is especially effective for under-resourced IT security teams that do not have the time or resources necessary to adequately protect your IT system. MDR acts as a turnkey solution that offers advanced detection methods and tailored responses for whatever threats your organization faces.

What Is ROI?

ROI simply refers to the return on investment that different measures have, whether in the IT industry or other fields. It refers to how much and how quickly you will see a payback on investments that you make. A high ROI means you will see the return in less time and that it will be a higher percentage than other solutions.

Many factors influence the ROI, but you should be able to see the benefits of whatever systems and solutions that you invest in relatively quickly. Especially within the IT industry, any investments should quickly work to protect your system and any sensitive data, so it is important to look for software with a high ROI.

How Does MDR Improve ROI?

MDR helps organizations increase their ROI by providing a cost-effective way to protect data, systems, and infrastructure. It also helps reduce risk and improve operational efficiency, as it continuously detects and responds to threats and vulnerabilities in real time.

There are three main ways to measure MDR ROI. First is the cost to build such a solution in-house versus the cost to buy a ready-to-go MDR software solution. Second is resource efficiency, or the cost of responding to non-critical events with the same speed as critical security breaches. Finally is risk reduction, or the financial impact that any potential breaches will have and how much your organization would spend to reduce that risk. With MDR, you can expect increased resource efficiency and decreased risk of breaches.

Spending the money on MDR may not seem like the obvious choice if you are considering building a similar threat detection and response system in-house. However, there are a few key benefits and ways that MDR can improve your overall ROI. Particularly when there is a small team responsible for protecting a large number of employees and assets, MDR can drastically improve security and decrease the risk of security breaches. With faster threat detection and remediation, you can catch threats before they cause any damage and prevent similar breaches in the future.

Another MDR ROI is evident in the way that MDR can reduce audit resource hours. Your team can spend less time auditing the system and searching for problem areas, and more time improving the existing measures for tighter security, all without the need for a higher headcount. With MDR, you can avoid the costs of hiring security talent, and instead invest those funds elsewhere. It is difficult to find and retain top security talent, but you don’t have to worry about hiring a full team when you have MDR security operations centers.

One of the great things about MDR is the ease of integration with existing security measures. You don’t have to start from scratch — instead, you can merge existing solutions with new ones to cut down on detection and response time, while also improving productivity.

Boost Your ROI with Ontinue ION

Ontinue ION is the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers that want to accelerate MTTR, proactively reduce risk, and reduce costs. Together, the ION Platform and designated cyber defense experts build a deep understanding of your organization’s risk posture that focuses on prevention, detection, and response efforts to reduce risk and mitigate threats.

AI-driven automation delivers fast, accurate investigation and response. Our one-of-a-kind Microsoft Teams interface provides real-time access to our 24/7 ION Cyber Defense Center to resolve every incident.

As the 2022 Microsoft Security MSSP of the year, Ontinue knows how to optimize your Microsoft investments, simplifying your technology stack and improving ROI. Learn more about how we can help boost your ROI with our MDR solutions.