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Ontinue ION is the Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) service of choice for unified security that watches over your manufacturing organization 24/7. Secure your IT infrastructure and manufacturing data with Ontinue.


Global Manufacturers Need Always-on MXDR

Today’s manufacturers must control and secure a global environment that is more complex than ever. Whether they’re operating from widely dispersed locations around the world, running legacy machine control systems, or driving OT or IoT, securing data and the supply chain remains a constant requirement.

To contend with an ever-increasing number of threats and endpoints, at the end-user level to devices, manufacturing companies must monitor and secure everything to ensure they can continue driving innovation, and delivering on their SLAs. Ontinue ION is the MXDR that can help.


Modern Manufacturing Challenges

Deliver Performance to Global Locations, 24/7

Manufacturers need around-the-clock detection and response to cover 24/7 production needs, despite the challenges of hiring and retaining cybersecurity professionals.

Support Legacy Systems & IoT Remotely

Modern production schedules have a large footprint of legacy machinery and systems that need updating — exacerbated with IoT — requiring an overview of the environment you’re protecting.

Connect IoT and Cloud Technologies

A cloud-first strategy that connects IoT and other devices can increase a company’s exposure. Companies need to drive change management to architect securely, provide access control, create new workflows, and bridge old and new systems.


Secure the Manufacturing Supply Chain with MXDR

Ontinue ION is an MXDR service built to make Security teams faster, more proactive, and more efficient.


Ontinue ION

Our cloud-native platform combines AI-driven automation with innovative real-time collaboration to proactively reduce risk and speed MTTR.

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ION Cyber Defense Center

Our global security operation that brings together security experts, data scientists, and automation engineers to protect customers around the clock.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Get around-the-clock IoT and OT threat detection with our proprietary logic that works with Microsoft Defender to intelligently and efficiently correlate alerts.

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Nonstop SecOps

But Ontinue ION is more than MXDR – it’s nonstop SecOps. Operationalizing security requires new, innovative capabilities that go beyond conventional MDR features. 

AI-Driven Automation

Given the SLAs for manufacturing companies today, speed is everything. Ontinue ION leverages AI-driven automation to accelerate security options tasks – including incident triage. In the ION Cyber Defense Center, our Data Science team measures every aspect of your operations to identify areas to automate and optimize.

Real-Time Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

When security risks can affect the manufacturing line, interacting with Ontinue ION through Microsoft Teams gets you immediate answers. Our Cyber Defenders respond in real time, using the tool you already have access to. So you get the information you need, when you need it.

Risk-Based, Localized Protection

Manufacturing facilities are often complex, with a variety of technologies and legacy systems. We gain a deep understanding of your environment to tailor our detection and response to your organization. Your Cyber Advisor regularly assesses your environment to understand key areas of risk, basing responses on their relative impact on your organization to minimize disruption.

Specialized Microsoft Expertise

Ontinue ION is built to leverage every component of the Microsoft security and collaboration ecosystem. So we can focus on building capabilities like Adaptive Coverage and our SecOps Cost Optimization, so you can experience the benefits of new features in Microsoft Defender and optimize your Microsoft Sentinel spend.


What’s new. What’s next. What’s up.


Get Ready for NIS2: Ensuring Compliance Made Easy

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Ontinue and NIS2

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Customer Story


AmerCareRoyal found a partner in managed extended detection and response (MXDR) by working with Ontinue ION. “With the challenges it solved, Ontinue became the centerpiece of our security program,” says Jeff DeSandre, Chief Information Officer for AmerCareRoyal.

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Manufacturers: Outsource Your SOC to Outsmart Threat Actors

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Customer Story

Ontinue Lays the Technical Foundation for AmerCareRoyal Digital Transformation

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The Ontinue ION MXDR Service

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