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Internet of Things (IoT) Security

IoT adoption and Operational Technology (OT) connectivity continue to expand at a remarkable pace. This ongoing connectivity also demands next-level, nonstop security. Enter Ontinue.


Security Concerns That Add Up


The percentage of increase in malware attacks for IoT devices in the first half of 20221

$2 Trillion+

The estimated value of the IoT market by 20272

41.6 Billion

The estimated number of IoT devices by 20253

79.4 Zettabytes

The estimated amount of data generated by those devices4


Managed Thousands of Connected Devices

IoT and OT security are often managed outside of IT security, or not at all. Bespoke controls, alert-heavy environments, and other factors lead to siloed and ad hoc IoT security. Establishing IoT-specific monitoring solutions can create tool sprawl and more dashboards—with the added complexity of ensuring your security protocols don’t disrupt production equipment.


Here’s What to Expect

Quickly Mitigate IoT and OT-Specific Threats

Get IoT/OT-aware behavioral analysis—and valuable insights into the unique threats faced by these devices. Alerts are triaged and best practice response recommendations are provided.

IoT/OT and IT Protection—Minus the Noise

Enjoy maximum visibility—with minimal false positives. Our Cyber Defense Center delivers 24/7 detection and response that correlates alerts across your IoT/OT and IT environments.

Maximize Your Microsoft Investments

You’re likely already using Microsoft Defender. Now it’s time to really put its capabilities to use. Unlock your full potential with an MXDR service built specifically for the Microsoft Security product portfolio.


The Ontinue IoT Service

Our IoT solution is an add-on, value-added service to our Ontinue ION Platform. It’s masterfully designed to extend continuous assessment, prevention, detection, and response to your IoT and OT environments.

Download the Solution Brief
  • Leverages Microsoft Defender for IoT to provide 24/7 IoT protection
  • Fully integrated and managed inside your existing platform
  • Easily manage security of thousands of connected devices
  • Relieves pressure and resources from internal teams


Looking For More?

Our Ontinue ION Platform offers extended features and services to meet your needs.


Managed Vulnerability Mitigation (MVM) Service

Adding our MVM service to Ontinue ION helps you focus, prioritize, and respond to your most critical vulnerabilities—quickly.

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Ontinue ION

The MXDR service built to make security teams faster, more proactive and efficient. Bringing together ION cloud-native platform and ION Cyber Defense Center.

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Consulting Services

Get the most out of your Microsoft security tools. Our Consulting Services team will share best practices, provide deployment insights, and accelerate your time-to-value.

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