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Ontinue ION is the Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) service of choice for unified security that watches over your financial services organization 24/7. Secure your IT infrastructure and financial data with Ontinue.


Driven By Digital Transformation

To remain competitive and provide an optimal customer experience, financial services firms must innovate — and innovation means embracing the digital transformation needed to overcome legacy technical debt. Complying with regulatory requirements only adds to the challenge.

Amid all these challenges, protecting the data you collect remains critical.

With the average cost of a breach totaling $5.86 million per breach globally, financial services organizations must protect against DDoS attacks, ransomware, SQL injection attacks in their environment and more.

Working with a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service provider offers the ability to provide the visibility and security you need to drive the innovation that allows you to remain competitive.


Digital Transformation that Enables Security and Compliance

While Ontinue ION is an MXDR built for Microsoft customers, we can also monitor AWS and Google Cloud, so you’ll get the data visibility you need to protect your firm. Along with leveraging our expertise with Azure, Defender for Cloud, and ZTNA, our knowledge of Defender for DevOps helps secure the development lifecycle as you manage these challenges and more.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Financial services firms are data firms, and they must ensure data is safeguarded. With so many sometimes-conflicting regulatory requirements that must be followed, keeping up with them is a challenge, especially when operating in multiple jurisdictions.

Management of Legacy Debt

Organizations with outdated systems can’t always apply the necessary security controls. But they still need to harden and improve their monitoring. There’s also the inventory challenge of knowing what’s there, having visibility into vulnerabilities, and visibility into how attacks are occurring, and implementing preventive controls.

Digital Transformation

With digital transformation comes a move into the cloud, ideally by working with a cloud-native service provider. Your team needs to be able to manage and monitor identities and secure APIs. You need an MXDR partner who can do it all — helping with your cloud strategy and beyond — and who has the expertise to make it successful.

Resilience of Customer-facing Services

Financial firms must deliver resilient customer-facing services to avoid outages that impact customers. Customers need to be able to access their accounts, make mortgage and credit card payments and more.


An MXDR Service Offering 24/7 Global Protection

As a financial services firm, you need to demonstrate you’ve got good controls and good visibility. Ontinue ION is an MXDR service built to make Security teams faster, more proactive, and more efficient. Through the ION Platform and ION Cyber Defense Center:


Ontinue ION

Our cloud-native platform combines AI-driven automation with innovative real-time collaboration to proactively reduce risk and speed MTTR.

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ION Cyber Defense Center

Our global security operation that brings together security experts, data scientists, and automation engineers to protect customers around the clock.

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Nonstop SecOps

But Ontinue ION is more than MXDR – it’s nonstop SecOps. Operationalizing security requires new, innovative capabilities that go beyond conventional MDR features.

AI-Driven Automation

For financial services firms, serving their customers requires protecting their data – and when responding to an attack, speed is everything. Ontinue ION leverages AI-driven automation to accelerate security options tasks – including incident triage. In the ION Cyber Defense Center, our Data Science team measures every aspect of your operations to find areas to automate and optimize.

Real-Time Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Protecting a financial services organization is a 24/7 endeavor — and it’s critical that customers have access to their accounts. Interact with Ontinue ION through Microsoft Teams and get immediate answers. Whether it’s to investigate a potential cyberattack, or identify unexpected consequences of IT changes that impact a firm’s secure score — you get the visibility you need. Our Cyber Defenders respond in real time, through the Teams collaboration tool you already use, providing the information you need when you need it.

Risk-Based, Localized Protection

For financial services firms undergoing digital transformation, the move to the cloud requires securing APIs. We gain a deep understanding of your environment to tailor our detection and response to your organization. Your Cyber Advisor regularly assesses your environment to understand key areas of risk, basing responses on their relative impact on your organization to minimize disruption.

Specialized Microsoft Expertise

As a Microsoft customer evaluating an MSSP, you want a vendor with credibility, who can help you through the strategy cycle and beyond. With Ontinue ION, we can help you manage and monitor identities in Microsoft Azure and harden Azure with attack surface reduction (ASR). Ontinue ION is built to leverage every component of the Microsoft security and collaboration ecosystem. And you can experience, for example, new capabilities in Microsoft Defender and using our SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities to improve your Microsoft Sentinel spend.


Built for Microsoft

Ontinue ION is purpose-built to use your existing Microsoft security and collaboration product portfolio – including Microsoft Sentinel, the Microsoft Defender suite, and Microsoft Teams. No need to deploy additional technology.

Ontinue ION is the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers that want to accelerate MTTR, proactively reduce risk, and reduce costs. ION combines a cloud-native platform, AI-driven automation, and designated security and Microsoft expertise to get faster at detection and response and prevent threats. All while optimizing your Microsoft security tools.

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