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Ontinue ION is the Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) service of choice for unified security that watches over your UN, NGO, or IGO organization 24/7. Secure your IT infrastructure and organization’s data with Ontinue.


Simplify Security Operations

Delivering on your mission means protecting your organization’s devices, data, infrastructure wherever they may be in the world from cyberattacks. Despite being driven by a noble mission to deliver services and more to those in need, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), and UN agencies remain vulnerable to cyberattacks.

NGOs, IGOs and UN agencies are challenged to balance budget constraints against the risks of potential breaches and attacks. At the same time, you must protect against the potential harm to your organization’s reputation, secure data on people receiving services to keep them physically safe, as your organization carries out its work.

Ontinue is here to help protect you and the people you serve.


Supporting the Organization and Protecting Its Reputation and Mission

Experience nonstop SecOps from an MXDR platform and service tailored to your organization’s environment and its operational challenges. So you can focus on delivering services.

Security and Compliance

Comply with GDPR and shield the sensitive data of online benefactors — as well as the people you are helping, so they can stay safe and secure. Knowing your organization is protected 24/7.

Breaches and Cyberattacks

Fend off targeted attacks, despite a large attack surface, while protecting sensitive information. Stay tuned to real alerts based on your organization’s critical assets.

Limited Time, Staff & Budget

Experience nonstop SecOps from an MXDR platform and service tailored to your organization’s environment and its operational challenges. So you can focus on delivering services.


An MXDR Service Offering 24/7 Global Protection

Your employees collaborate with our experts to develop and maintain a strategy based on your unique environment.


Ontinue ION

Our cloud-native platform combines AI-driven automation with innovative real-time collaboration to proactively reduce risk and speed MTTR.

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ION Cyber Defense Center

Our global security operation that brings together security experts, data scientists, and automation engineers to protect customers around the clock.

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Maximizing Benefits for UN Agencies, NGOs and IGOs

But Ontinue ION is more than MXDR — it’s nonstop SecOps. Operationalizing security requires new, innovative capabilities that go beyond conventional MDR features. Ontinue is connected to and works closely together with Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact (TSI) team, to maximize benefits for NGO and IGO community.

AI-Driven Automation

When you’re protecting your data, speed is everything. Ontinue ION leverages AI-driven automation to accelerate security options tasks — including incident triage. In the ION Cyber Defense Center, our Data Science team measures every aspect of your operations to identify areas to automate and optimize.

Real-Time Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Interact with Ontinue ION through Microsoft Teams and get immediate answers. Our Cyber Defenders respond in real time, using the tool you already have access to. So you get the information you need, when you need it.

Risk-Based, Localized Protection

We gain a deep understanding of your environment to tailor our detection and response to your organization. Your Cyber Advisor regularly assesses your environment to understand key areas of risk, basing responses on their relative impact on your organization to minimize disruption.

Specialized Microsoft Expertise

Ontinue ION is built to leverage every component of the Microsoft security and collaboration product portfolio. So we can focus on building capabilities like Adaptive Coverage and our SecOps Cost Optimization — enabling you to experience the new features in Microsoft Defender and optimize your Microsoft Sentinel spend.


Built for Microsoft

Ontinue ION is purpose-built to use your organization’s existing Microsoft security and collaboration stack including Microsoft Sentinel, the Microsoft Defender suite, and Microsoft Teams removing the need for customers to deploy additional technology.

Ontinue ION is the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers that want to accelerate MTTR, proactively reduce risk, and reduce costs. ION combines a cloud-native platform, AI-driven automation, and designated security and Microsoft expertise to get faster at detection and response, prevent threats, and optimize Microsoft security tools.

Knowing that we support you in fulfilling your noble mission gives us a sense of purpose. And we’re ready to help you.

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