Built for Microsoft

We’ve intelligently aligned our platform and services with the industry-recognized leader in integrated security solutions—Microsoft. Our powerful Ontinue ION Platform was custom built for Microsoft’s security and collaboration tools, including Defender, Sentinel, Azure, and Teams.

Ontinue + Microsoft

An Integrated Product Strategy

The Ontinue ION platform was specifically built for Microsoft’s security and collaboration tools.

Microsoft Sentinel

Ontinue ION Platform interfaces with Microsoft Sentinel for a single sign-on

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides 24/7, real-time access to our ION Cyber Defense Center

Microsoft Defender

Our add-on IoT Security and Managed Vulnerability Mitigation (MVM) services leverage Microsoft Defender for easy deployment

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Award-winning MXDR Built for Microsoft Customers

With Ontinue and Microsoft, a secure environment is an innovative environment.


Amplify Your Microsoft ROI with ION

We know Microsoft like we know ourselves. So we can help you optimize your Microsoft deployment, manage your tools, and maximize your investment. After all, Ontinue ION was built on the backbone of the Microsoft security and collaboration product portfolio. To empower you to unlock functionality and amplify value. And maximize your ROI.

The more Microsoft security capabilities you turn on, the stronger your security posture. Pairing this with our designated, devoted ION Cyber Defense Center delivers the greatest way to prevent, detect, and respond to security threats.

ION MXDR Service

Ontinue + Microsoft

Your Microsoft Expert

As the 2023 Microsoft Innovation Partner of the Year and 2022 Microsoft Security MSSP of the Year, we understand Microsoft inside and out. That means we know how to help you implement and maximize your Microsoft security and collaboration tools.

Microsoft Workshops

Nonstop Microsoft Learning

Overwhelmed with all the tools at your disposal? As a Microsoft partner, we offer exclusive hands-on learning, workshops, and support to help you manage Microsoft security tools. From developing a smart cloud security strategy to seeking guidance on deploying Defender, these workshops provide skills needed to confidently and consistently advance your security posture.

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