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Ontinue and Telarus Partnership Delivers AI-Driven MXDR Services to a Growing Number of Organization

Partners Provide Tailored Security Combining AI and Human Intelligence to Make Security Teams Faster and More Effective with Automation, Real-Time Collaboration and Localized Insights

October 10, 2023Ontinue, a leading provider of AI-powered extended managed detection and response (MXDR) services and winner of the 2023 Microsoft Security Services Innovator of the Year award, and its partner Telarus, a leading technology services distributor (TSD), are strengthening the cybersecurity protections of their joint customers by maximizing their existing Microsoft 365 Defender investments with the Ontinue ION MXDR service. Together, they provide a tailored security service that combines AI and human intelligence to address customers’ most urgent security issues while reducing their total cost of ownership.

The common practice of integrating a growing number of ‘best of breed’ security tools sourced from multiple vendors has been around for a long time. However, having more security solutions does not make organizations more secure if they lack the staff or resources to implement and operationalize these tools properly. Organizations need an MXDR service that knows their environment and their controls inside and out to provide localized insights and optimal protection. Ontinue ION is built around the unique needs of organizations and is designed to optimize Microsoft 365 Defender and leverage Microsoft security and collaboration portfolios.

“Effective SecOps demands a service provider that understands your environment, workflows, risks, objectives and tools,” said Pedro Vidal, Vice President of North America Sales for Ontinue. “Ontinue ION delivers this and more through artificial and human intelligence. Our AI-powered insights help our defenders understand customers’ environments and critical assets for faster and more effective responses. Together, with our partner Telarus, we are delivering this tailored, localized security to help customers get faster and smarter — at a lower total cost of ownership.”

Ontinue is a top MXDR partner of Telarus and is providing its ION service to many joint customers in finance, healthcare, education and other industries.

Ontinue ION sets new standards for MXDR services. It delivers Nonstop SecOps with 24/7, always-on protection while increasing overall security program maturity, efficacy and scalability. ION overcomes the shortcomings of traditional MDR solutions in several ground-breaking ways, including the first Microsoft Teams-based collaboration model for seamless real-time communication between SecOps, IT and all other security stakeholders. Complementing these advanced capabilities of the ION service is the deep Microsoft security expertise of Ontinue’s ION staff, which enables customers to maximize the capabilities of their Microsoft security investments.

“Our successful partnership with Ontinue allows our customers to fully leverage their Microsoft 365 Defender investments and tap into around-the-clock protection against today’s most complex and sophisticated threat actors,” said Jason Stein, Vice President of Cybersecurity at Telarus. “Together, we provide customers in Finance, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and more with comprehensive 24/7 protection that improves their security postures through automation, collaboration and faster Mean Time to Respond and strengthens their ongoing security maturity.”

To learn more about this partnership, please visit www.telarus.com/become-a-partner.

About Telarus

Telarus is a leading global technology services distributor with a singular focus on accelerating partner success. For over 20 years, Telarus has provided comprehensive services, solutions, and tools to support our partner community as they pursue their business objectives. To learn more or become a partner, go to www.telarus.com/become-a-partner.

About Ontinue 

As a leading provider of AI-powered extended managed detection and response (MXDR) services, Ontinue is on a mission to be the most trusted, 24/7, always-on security partner that empowers customers to embrace the future by using AI to operate more strategically, at scale, and with less risk. We believe that the combination of AI and human expertise is essential for delivering effective managed security that is tailored to a customer’s unique environment, operational constraints, and risks. Our MXDR service combines powerful proprietary AI with the industry’s first collaboration with Microsoft Teams to continuously build a deep understanding of our customers’ environments, informing how we prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Our unrivaled Microsoft expertise allows customers to achieve these outcomes with the Microsoft Security tools they already own. The result is highly localized managed protection that empowers security teams to be faster, smarter, and more cost efficient than ever before. 

Continuous protection. AI-powered Nonstop SecOps. That’s Ontinue. Learn more about partnering at www.ontinue.com/partners or connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.