The MDR Difference

To combat an ever-evolving list of cybersecurity threats, many enterprises have more security tools than they know what to do with. Unfortunately, managing a plethora of security tools is burdensome and inefficient, often resulting in needless alerts, prolonged investigations, and a slower response to real threats.

As a result, wise information security officers should consolidate their tools to help address these challenges. For organizations with, managed detection and response (MDR) should create an effective security operation.

Read on to learn what the MDR difference can do for your organization and how Ontinue ION can provide you with top-of-the-line MDR security.

What Is MDR?

Managed detection and response is a comprehensive cybersecurity service that helps businesses proactively identify, investigate, and respond to potential threats and vulnerabilities.

The best MDR services combine the power of advanced threat detection technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the expertise of certified security analysts to provide an end-to-end approach to security operations. MDR offers real-time monitoring and analysis of user activity, network connections, and system events. It also provides detailed information on attack vectors, indicators of compromise, and malicious payloads.

MDR also helps organizations proactively respond to incidents by providing timely, actionable recommendations to reduce risk and limit the potential impact of a breach.

How Does Ontinue ION Differ From Traditional MDR?

If your organization has standard Microsoft Security, our Ontinue ION service can improve upon many aspects of a standard MDR service. The MDR difference we provide can help you leverage your current security assets, enjoy localized protection, access information quickly at any time, and optimize AI technology in ways that ordinary MDR services simply cannot.

Specialized Microsoft Expertise

Ontinue ION is specifically built for Microsoft. While many MDR services can coexist with Microsoft security investments, Ontinue ION takes full advantage of the capabilities of suites like Microsoft 365 E5 Security. Our exclusive protection integrates seamlessly with existing Microsoft security processes and does not require your security team to separately monitor a morass of different security tools.

This focus on Microsoft allows our clients to quickly leverage new Microsoft Defender capabilities and optimize Microsoft Sentinel, allowing for a security system that functions as a whole and is more than just the sum of its parts.

Customized Protection

Along with our Microsoft expertise, Ontinue ION provides protection for your specific needs. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to security threats, our team gets to know your organization and provides specific solutions to fit your operations, teams, and environment. We focus on preventative security based on your unique security risks and tailor incident responses to minimize any disruption they may cause to your daily operations.

We also provide specific, actionable data so that you can consistently strengthen your security posture. Your Ontinue ION system will improve after every incident and threat mitigated.

Real-Time Collaboration

We understand that security is a team effort, and Ontinue ION makes it easy to communicate with yours and with ours in real time.

You can chat with Ontinue ION through the Microsoft Teams app 24 hours a day, seven days a week — any time you have a question, concern, or need help with an incident, inside or outside of working hours. You can also easily include stakeholders and team members in the conversation. With a single source of information, your security team can communicate and collaborate instantly, and no one will have to scramble to find the data they need.

AI-Driven Threat Response

While many MDR services use AI in their alert systems, Ontinue ION goes beyond basic automation. Our AI-driven operations include threat detection as well as incident triage, investigation, and resolution, creating seamless security for your organization.

Our experts are also constantly looking for new ways to optimize automation so we can continue to provide the best in AI cybersecurity. Our goal is to create systems that are smarter, faster, and more precise than ever — so you can improve your mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to repair (MTTR) in the wake of any incident.

How Can You Get Started With Ontinue ION?

Ontinue ION is the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers that want to accelerate MTTR, proactively reduce risk, and reduce costs. Together, the ION Platform and designated cyber defense experts build a deep understanding of your organization’s risk posture that focuses prevention, detection and response efforts to reduce risk and mitigate threats.

AI-driven automation delivers fast, accurate investigation and response. Our one-of-a-kind Microsoft Teams interface provides real-time access to our 24/7 ION Cyber Defense Center to resolve every incident.

As the 2022 Microsoft Security MSSP of the year, Ontinue knows how to optimize your Microsoft investments, simplifying your technology stack and improving ROI.

Discover the MDR difference we can make today. Contact us to get started with our MDR services.