Subprocessors and Affiliated Operational Entities

The following affiliates and third-party entities may act as subcontractors and subprocessors of Ontinue in or in support of it providing its services, including for carrying out specific processing activities on behalf of the customer or datacenter facility management activities (additional information can be provided upon request).

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Ontinue AGSwitzerland
Ontinue Inc. (former Open Systems US Inc.)United States
Ontinue Canada Inc. (former OS Canada Inc.)Canada
Cybersecurity Ontinue GmbH (former OS IT Security Germany GmbH)Germany
Ontinue India Private Ltd.India
Ontinue UK Ltd. (former Open Systems Security UK Ltd.)United Kingdom
Open Systems AGSwitzerland
Open Systems Americas Inc.United States
Open Systems Germany GmbHGermany
Ontinue Austria GmbHAustria
OS Security India Private Ltd.India

Third-party Entities

Third-party EntitiesLocationDescription
Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited
IrelandInfrastructure provisioning (MS Azure) for Open Systems services
ServiceNow Nederland B.V.NetherlandCustomer ticketing system for MDR service
Okta Inc.USAFederated authentication services for MDR service

Third-party for Specific Services

Third party for specific services onlyLocationDescription
AspectraSwitzerlandControl: Operation of the Mission Control Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Trivadis Services AGSwitzerlandMaintenance of Mission Control database for customer support