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Ontinue Launches New SecOps Cost Optimization Capabilities to Help Organizations Better Predict, Optimize and Manage their Data Ingestion

Without Compromising Security, Ontinue ION Reduces up to 50 Percent of Data Costs with Cost Optimization and Management for Microsoft Sentinel

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – April 11, 2023Ontinue, a leading managed detection and response (MDR) provider and winner of the 2022 Microsoft Security MSSP Partner of the Year award, today announced the launch of a new set of SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities within its Ontinue ION managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service that help customers optimize and manage security data costs. Organizations using Microsoft Sentinel in conjunction with the new Ontinue SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities can now predict, optimize, and manage their Security Information Event Management (SIEM) data costs – while strengthening security. Leveraging the new SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities, customers can reduce their security data costs by up to 50 percent.

The careful act of balancing risk reduction, the cost of cybersecurity and reducing complexity is an age-old challenge for every CISO. Data costs affiliated with SIEM systems have become a substantial focal point at the center of this balancing act. If SIEM data ingestion is not properly managed, the costs can be unpredictable and can become excessive. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine which logs are worth the cost of ingestion from a security point of view, and the task of managing ongoing ingestion costs is tedious and difficult. To help address this, Ontinue built a set of SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities that allow Microsoft Sentinel customers to predict, optimize, and manage their SIEM data costs – both pre-deployment and ongoing.

Ontinue is introducing three core SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities:

  • Ontinue SecOps Cost Optimization Calculator: Ontinue’s proprietary calculator projects Microsoft Sentinel costs optimized for security and value, based on each customer’s environment and our log ingestion best practices. Using this tool, organizations can accurately estimate their Sentinel costs prior to deployment and during the Ontinue ION onboarding process, Ontinue’s Sentinel experts optimally configure Sentinel ingestion based on the organization’s key requirements and budget.
  • Ontinue ION Cost Management for Microsoft Sentinel: The combination of automated dashboards and human expertise enables customers already using Sentinel to regularly monitor and fine tune log ingestion for maximum cost efficiency. It is delivered as part of the ION MXDR service with guidance provided by the designated Cyber Advisors who regularly counsel and support all Ontinue customers.
  • Ontinue Cost Anomaly Detection: Active monitoring and alerting on deviations in Microsoft Sentinel costs based on user-defined thresholds empower organizations to respond to data spikes before they turn into unexpected bills at the end of the month.

The Ontinue SecOps Cost Optimization Calculator and Ontinue ION Cost Management for Microsoft Sentinel capabilities are generally available. The Ontinue Cost Anomaly Detection capability will be generally available at the end of June 2023.

“Whether you are considering adopting Microsoft Sentinel for the first time or you are a long-time Sentinel user, our new SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities will help you leverage Sentinel with confidence,” said Tom Corn, Chief Product Officer for Ontinue. “Ontinue is the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers, delivering Nonstop SecOps with 24/7, always-on protection. Our SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities are the latest examples of Ontinue’s commitment to maximizing our customers’ Microsoft security investments, while hardening their security postures.”

Ontinue ION sets the new standard for MXDR services. It uniquely delivers Nonstop SecOps with 24/7, always-on protection while increasing overall security program maturity, efficacy and scalability. ION overcomes the shortcomings of traditional MDR solutions in several ground-breaking ways, including the first Microsoft Teams-based collaboration model for seamless real-time communication between SecOps, IT and all other security stakeholders. Ontinue is also pioneering the use of generative AI and automation to accelerate the detection and response to threats faster than ever before. Complementing these advanced capabilities of the ION service is the deep Microsoft security expertise of Ontinue’s ION staff, which enables customers to maximize the capabilities of their Microsoft security investments.

To learn more about Ontinue’s new SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities, read our latest blog, read the “Optimizing SecOps Cost in 3 Steps” ebook, download this product brief and register for our upcoming webinar on April 18.

Meet us at RSA!

RSA attendees can see demonstrations of the SecOps Cost Optimization capabilities live in the Ontinue booth (#5152). Go to https://get.ontinue.com/rsa-2023/ to schedule a meeting at the show.

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