Threat Response Solutions

Turn the Tables on Today’s Advanced Security Threats, with Threat Hunting and Incident Management for Your Global Operations

As cyber-attacks continue to advance in frequency, sophistication, and sheer volume, companies of all kinds are discovering that security incidents are no longer a question of if they will happen, but when. Be ready when threat actors come calling; Ontinue Threat Response Solutions provide the tools, resources, and support you need to defend your business and your customers from today’s most insidious security threats.

What Are Threat Response Solutions?

As any IT security specialist will tell you, digital security isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. The growing complexity of the IT landscape offers nearly limitless attack surfaces for unauthorized users to attempt to gain access. As such, securing these threat vectors takes more than the occasional firewall – it demands complete visibility into every aspect of your network, and the tools to mount a tactical response to any emergent situation.

Unfortunately, as data security risks grow, many organizations are hampered by significant security challenges:

  • Talent Shortage
    Having the right security response team in place is essential to countering threats. IT talent shortages are making it difficult for businesses to build these teams, forcing them to strain their resources and stretch cybersecurity workforces too thin to be completely effective.
  • Security Tool Sprawl
    The cybersecurity arena is always expanding, and companies in every industry are constantly updating their security posture with new tools. But as more solutions from different vendors are brought into play, security teams are being overwhelmed with security alerts, overloaded with cognitive demands, and distracted with informational clutter. Too many tools can make it difficult to manage and orchestrate security solutions, opening the door for cybercriminals.
  • Inability to Operationalize Security
    Security should be a major priority for any modern business, but not at the expense of other business processes. Operationalizing security so that it supports the business as a whole requires implementing best practices throughout the security infrastructure while also managing disparate security tools and departments – a difficult and ongoing task that can easily consume time and other limited resources.

Simply put, modern organizations need greater control in managing and streamlining their incident response solutions, and supporting and supplementing their existing IT security teams.

Ontinue Threat Response At A Glance

Ontinue, the award-winning cybersecurity service innovator for future-ready enterprises, offers cost-effective security solutions for any network, without the need for additional tools or programs.

Ontinue’s expert security engineers and next-gen technology quickly detect and mitigate threats, delivering comprehensive cyber-attack protection for your business. Our cloud platform offers centralized control – deployed all at once or as needed to secure your unique IT environment.

Improve Your ROI and Threat Response

With improved threat response, you protect more than just your data – you protect the investments that keep you in business. Leverage Ontinue’s Threat Response Solutions to optimize your ROI and potentially save millions of dollars in direct, annual security costs.

Cost Savings Breakdown

  • Improved visibility and threat remediation: >$400K
  • 66% reduction in security operations headcount: >$1.8 million
  • 65% increase in IT staff productivity and 35% increase in SOC staff productivity: >$950K
  • Improved business continuity and productivity: >$350K
  • 80% fewer audit resource hours: >$300K
  • Total estimated annual value of quantified benefits: ~$4 million

Counter the Threats That Target Your Business

Don’t let your data, capabilities, or reputation fall prey to today’s advanced cybersecurity threats – Contact us today.