Innovative IoT Security Monitoring Protects Customers Against Cyberthreats

Ontinue ION for IoT is an add-on service that extends the 24/7 security monitoring of our award-winning ION managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service.

ION for IoT protects connected devices used in Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) applications, as an add-on feature developed in response to the rapid growth of IoT and OT devices. Organizations have increased their adoption of these devices to improve business, manufacturing, and supply chain operations. But for some devices, security is either nonexistent or isn’t keeping pace, which opens organizations up to potential breaches.

By adding OT and IoT telemetry to ION, customers can benefit from 24/7 detection and response that correlates alerts across their IoT, OT, and IT environments. This offers maximum visibility and protection as part of a holistic security program—without the noise.

The Role of Microsoft Defender for IoT

ION for IoT addresses this by using Microsoft Defender for IoT and Microsoft Sentinel to triage alerts and analyze telemetry from customers’ OT and IoT environments, using the same best practices and battle-tested workflow used for IT assets. This enables high fidelity detection not only within the IoT and OT environment, but also provides the opportunity to correlate signals when relevant from Defender for IoT with signals from the IT environment, to improve overall accuracy.

By securing IoT and OT devices alongside IT infrastructure, ION for IoT protects IoT and OT devices throughout the entire security lifecycle—assessment, prevention, detection, and response. It also allows customers to take full advantage of their Microsoft security investments by providing tailored, 24/7 monitoring while reducing attack surfaces and MTTR.

For organizations with mission-critical manufacturing and medical technology, mitigating security risks of OT and IoT is especially critical. So for our clients, the combination of our ION for IoT service, together with Defender for IoT, reduces the threat surface.

Explore our Point of View on OT and IoT Security

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Visit the ION for IoT webpage to take a closer look at our service.

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Dave Martin
Vice President, Product Management, MXDR Services

As vice president of product management, managed extended detection and response (MXDR) services for Ontinue, Dave is responsible for all aspects of the company’s product management product strategy, roadmap and full life-cycle management.