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Ontinue is a Proud Participant in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview

Redwood City, CA,— November 15, 2023— Ontinue, a leading provider of AI-powered managed extended detection and response (MXDR) services and winner of the 2023 Microsoft Security Services Innovator of the Year award, today announced its participation in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview. Ontinue was selected based on their proven experience with Microsoft Security technologies, willingness to explore and provide feedback on cutting edge functionality, and close relationship with Microsoft.

“In the context of security, AI’s impact is likely to be profound, tilting the scales in favor of defenders and empowering organizations to defend at machine speed. At Microsoft, we are privileged to have a leading role in advancing AI innovation, and we are so grateful to our incredible ecosystem of partners, whose mission-driven work is critical to helping customers secure their organizations and confidently bring the many benefits of AI into their environments.” said Vasu Jakkal, CVP, Microsoft Security.

“AI is set to completely transform cybersecurity. This paradigm shift has extended beyond the mere evolution of threat design and execution to include how organizations can harness the power of AI to strengthen their defenses and prevent cyberthreats. In this era of AI-versus-AI combat, organizations must leverage AI technologies to enhance their capabilities in detecting, resolving, and remediating the intricate and evolving landscape of cyberthreats,” said Geoff Haydon, CEO at Ontinue. “Microsoft has placed a strong emphasis on AI and automation in their approach to security, which is in alignment with the core tenants at Ontinue. The integration of AI into cybersecurity is no longer a choice but a strategic necessity for safeguarding organizations. Ontinue is committed to the ongoing success of our collaboration with Microsoft that strengthens the security posture of joint customers with nonstop SecOps.”  

“We believe that AI is pivotal in making better and faster security decisions that are more operationally relevant, and will greatly improve accuracy, consistency and speed,” said Tom Corn, CPO of Ontinue. “The exceptional quality and extensive range of Microsoft’s security products, along with their prominent position in the market, have driven us to make substantial investments in becoming experts in all things Microsoft. Our goal is to empower organizations to unlock enhanced functionality and maximize the value of their Microsoft investments.”

Ontinue is working with Microsoft product teams to help shape Security Copilot product development in several ways, including validation and refinement of new and upcoming scenarios, providing feedback on product development and operations to be incorporated into future product releases, and validation and feedback of APIs to assist with Security Copilot extensibility. To learn more, read the announcement.

Ontinue ION sets new standards for MXDR services. It uniquely delivers nonstop SecOps with 24/7, always-on continuous protection while increasing overall security program maturity, efficacy and scalability. ION overcomes the shortcomings of traditional MDR solutions in several ground-breaking ways, including the first Microsoft Teams-based collaboration model for seamless real-time communication between SecOps, IT and all other security stakeholders. Ontinue is also pioneering the use of generative AI and automation to accelerate the detection and response to threats faster than ever before. Complementing these advanced capabilities of the ION service is the deep Microsoft security expertise of Ontinue’s ION staff, which enables customers to maximize the capabilities of their Microsoft security investments.

Security Copilot is the first AI-powered security product that enables security professionals to respond to threats quickly, process signals at machine speed, and assess risk exposure in minutes. It combines an advanced large language model (LLM) with a security-specific model that is informed by Microsoft’s unique global threat intelligence and more than 65 trillion daily signals.

About Ontinue: Nonstop SecOps  

As a leading provider of AI-powered managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service, Ontinue is on a mission to be the most trusted security partner that empowers customers to embrace and accelerate digital transformation by using AI to operate more at scale, and with less risk. The combination of AI and human expertise is essential for delivering effective managed security that is tailored to a customer’s unique environment, operational constraints, and risks. Our MXDR service combines powerful proprietary AI with the industry’s first collaboration with Microsoft Teams to continuously build a deep understanding of our customers’ environments, informing how we prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Our Microsoft expertise allows customers to achieve these outcomes with the Microsoft Security tools they already own. The result is highly localized managed protection that empowers security teams to be faster, smarter, and more cost efficient than ever before. 

Continuous protection. AI-powered Nonstop SecOps. That’s Ontinue. 

Discover how Ontinue ION can help you maximize your investment in the Microsoft Security product suite. If you’re attending Microsoft Ignite, visit us at booth #507 or sign up for a virtual demo.