Ontinue ION: Nonstop SecOps Relies on 5 Key Capabilities

Many organizations have turned to managed security services given the challenges involved in operationalizing security on their own. You need to provide security that is effective, scalable and efficient – while providing 24/7 protection. Your organization may also be struggling with a talent shortage, whether from budget or headcount constraints, or the inability to find enough skilled, capable talent to hire.

But you need more than managed detection and response to handle these challenges. Ontinue ION is an MXDR service that provides Nonstop SecOps through five key capabilities that enable your organization to respond to attacks and continuously reduce risk:

  • Automation
    ION Automate leverages a data science team and AI-driven automation to accelerate numerous security operation tasks, from triage to resolution.
  • Collaboration
    The right people have access to the right information in real time, thanks to ION for Microsoft Teams.
  • Localization
    ION brings a tailored, risk-based approach to cybersecurity, understanding your environment, operations, and teams at a fundamental level.
  • Specialization
    No one knows Microsoft like we do. Ontinue ION is purpose-built to get the most out of the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Prevention
    Designated advisors proactively improve your security posture through continuous assessment or review of incident history, environment, posture and risk profile to guide prevention activities.

Ontinue ION is specifically designed to use your existing Microsoft security and collaboration stack – including Microsoft Sentinel, the Microsoft Defender suite, and Microsoft Teams – so you don’t need to deploy additional technology.

Ontinue ION is the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers that want to accelerate MTTR, proactively reduce risk and reduce costs.