What is Microsoft Security

Microsoft Security Provides Essential Cyber Threat Protection, Detection, and Mitigation Solutions for Windows 10 and 11 Users

Microsoft has long been the leader in home and business computing technologies. From desktop computers to portable smart devices, users rely on Microsoft hardware and the Windows operating system (OS) to manage and support digital tasks of all kinds. But with this ubiquity comes danger – cybercriminals and advanced threat actors actively target Microsoft resources and users in hopes of gaining access to critical data or systems.

To help ensure continued data security for various types of users, the Microsoft security suite provides advanced threat protection and response capabilities.

Microsoft Windows versions 10 and higher come packaged with Windows Security, providing the latest in antivirus and antimalware protection. Built directly into the modern Windows OS, Windows Microsoft security offers essential defense solutions against various kinds of malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, rootkits, and trojan horses.

What Microsoft Security Features Are Included with Windows?

Microsoft security tools cover the complete range of modern digital threats. Windows security tools include:

  • Account Protection
    Control sign-in options and other account settings to block or restrict user access.
  • App and Browser Control
    Implement Microsoft security protection settings to protect devices from potentially dangerous applications, files, or other downloads.
  • Device Performance and Health
    Track and manage device health status and performance, and keep everything current with automatic updates.
  • Device Security
    Manage device-specific security options to protect individual devices.
  • Family Options
    Employ Microsoft security features to track and restrict access for child users.
  • Firewall and Network Protection
    Gain visibility into all network and internet connections and manage firewall settings to keep out unauthorized traffic.
  • Virus Protection
    Apply the latest Microsoft security insights and solutions to threat protection to counter evolving threats.

Microsoft applications can be found in nearly any computing environment. As such, Microsoft security is designed with every kind of user in mind: home, business, and enterprise. Whether users need robust protection for dedicated assaults on their company networks, or simply want to keep their personal devices up to date with the latest antivirus software, Microsoft security is there to provide the solution.

And now, Ontinue allows users to further optimize and maximize their Microsoft security investment, with Ontinue ION.

Ontinue: Unrivaled Expertise in Microsoft Security

Ontinue, a five-time Microsoft Gold Partner and one of the key managed security service providers (MSSPs) to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) takes Microsoft security further than ever before. Our award-winning managed detection and response (MDR) solution gives users at all levels the additional security layers they need to defend their data.

Built on the Microsoft E5 security stack, Ontinue ION applies deep insights and extensive Microsoft security expertise. With ION users enjoy the power to extract increased value from existing Microsoft tools. And, because Ontinue is one of the original MISA partners, integration between Ontinue ION and Microsoft security products on- and off-premises is easy, intuitive, and effective.

Ontinue Is Ready to Support Your Microsoft Security Needs

Whatever your goals, whatever your needs, and whatever threats your data may be facing, Ontinue ION can help you further improve your Microsoft security posture. After all, the digital world runs on Microsoft – keep your world safe and your data out of the wrong hands, with Microsoft security and Ontinue.

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