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Ontinue Named to the Enterprise Security Tech 2023 Cyber Top 20 Awards List

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – August 16, 2023 – Ontinue, a leading provider of AI-powered extended managed detection and response (MXDR) services and winner of the 2023 Microsoft Security Services Innovator of the Year award, today announced that it is has been named to the Enterprise Security Tech 2023 Cyber Top 20 awards list, which recognizes the top cybersecurity companies providing the most value to the market.

Ontinue was recognized for several innovations, including its proprietary AI, ION IQ, which enables localized insights and protection tailored to customers’ unique environments, resulting in faster, more accurate prevention, detection and response to cyber threats. It was also noted for having the first MXDR solution that embeds directly into customers’ Microsoft Teams instances, which streamlines real-time collaboration during incident response and delivers critical security information to SecOps, IT and all stakeholders anytime, anywhere and on any device.

“We’re proud to be acknowledged for our innovations in AI that allow us to deliver advanced automation, collaboration and specialization capabilities that strengthen our customers’ overall security maturity, efficacy, and scalability,” said Geoff Haydon, CEO of Ontinue. “Ontinue is dedicated to innovation and to providing nonstop, 24/7 SecOps that protect our valued customers today and against future threats. Our team has truly made a mark in the crowded MXDR market, and I am honored that Ontinue has been recognized as part of The Cyber Top 20.”

“Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving battle, where the enemy constantly seeks new avenues to breach our defenses. To secure our digital world, relentless innovation is not an option; it’s an imperative,” said Jack Campbell, Editor, Enterprise Security Tech. “Only through continuous advancement can we stay ahead of threats, safeguarding data. We’re honored to be able to recognize these leaders for the advancement that they are bringing to the market and their contributions to the fight against cyber threats.”

Ontinue ION sets the standard for MXDR services, delivering Nonstop SecOps with 24/7, always-on protection while increasing overall security program maturity, efficacy and scalability. The Ontinue ION MXDR service is comprised of the cloud-native ION platform and the ION Cyber Defense Center, a 24/7 globally distributed security operation staffed by experts working in five world-class SOCs strategically located worldwide.

For more information about the Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 List, please visit this page.

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About Ontinue
As a leading provider of AI-powered extended managed detection and response (MXDR) services, Ontinue is on a mission to be the most trusted, 24/7, always-on security partner that empowers customers to embrace the future by using AI to operate more strategically, at scale, and with less risk. We believe that the combination of AI and human expertise is essential for delivering effective managed security that is tailored to a customer’s unique environment, operational constraints, and risks. Our MXDR service combines powerful proprietary AI with a one-of-a-kind collaboration model to continuously build a deep understanding of our customers’ environments, informing how we prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Our unrivaled Microsoft expertise allows customers to achieve these outcomes with the Microsoft Security tools they already own. The result is highly localized managed protection that empowers security teams to be faster, smarter, and more cost efficient than ever before.

Continuous protection. AI-powered Nonstop SecOps. That’s Ontinue.