Our Culture and Values

Ontinue was founded on these core values:

Because we value relationships, we are trusted partners: We’re here to do right by our customers—to serve as a trusted partner, reliable ally, and an invaluable extension of your team.

Because we value security, we are protective: We work in the security business. At our very heart, soul, and core, we’re passionate protectors who care deeply about keeping our customers safe and minimizing risks.

Because we value simplicity, we are diligent: There’s genius in simplicity. There’s also a strong sense of security and an enduring peace of mind. We do the hard work behind the scenes so that things are as simple as possible for our customers and partners.

Because we value urgency, we are proactive: We’re driven by our unwavering commitment to doing everything technologically (and humanly) possible to stay one step ahead—to detect and resolve problems before they become problems.

Because we value continuous improvement, we are innovative: We work, think, create, and operate on the edge of innovation. In order to stay ahead of the curve and far beyond any threats to our customers’ security success, we think unconventionally—yet always—intelligently.

Because we value transparency, we are honest: With us, there’s no cloudy confusion or vague generalities. We’re always straightforward, up-front and real. And if issues do arise, we work closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Inclusion and Diversity

At Ontinue we celebrate openness, collaboration, creativity, and equity for everyone. We practice inclusion and equality every day, sharing in our successes, enriching every customer experience, and strengthening the communities where we live.

We’re Hiring

We’ve established our company, developed the solutions, and now we’re building the right teams to support our vision. Check out our current job openings to see if there’s a fit for you.

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